All staff members of Affluent Productions are listed here. All of them are an important part of us.

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Affluent Avo#6099


Programmer, fully codes the bot and website, administrating the servers, and comes up with ideas!

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Affluent Mods#6666


Visionist, the person who comes up with majority of ideas, makes up how the bots work!

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Lead Moderator

The one and only drawn to life automaton here that operates on a daily basis. It has some quirks that few know about. The robot reports significant matters like bugs and exploits to the developers, along with punishing those that oppose any server rule to the fullest extent.

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Affluent Riley#5449

Lead Moderator

Always happy and laughing, almost never offline, always watching and moderating the chat, will always help if needed, and Admin of the Discraft Wiki!

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It's just steve

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24/7 active i see everything